104th (Bengal Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot

East India Company / United Kingdom
1765.08.05 2nd Bengal European Regiment
formed by division of 101st Foot
1781 2nd Battalion disbanded
1783? 2nd Bengal European Battalion
some personnel separated to form 4th Bn , 5th Bn and 6th Bn
1796 2nd Bengal European Regiment
absorbed 6th Regiment without change of title
1803 absorbed byThe Marine Battalion
1822 2nd Bengal European Regiment
re-formed with volunteers from 101st Foot
1830.01.01 absorbed by 101st Foot
1839.07.29 2nd Bengal (European) Light Infantry
re-formed from a nucleus of 101st Foot with officers from General List
1850.01.18 2nd Bengal (European) Fusiliers
1858.07.03 transferred from HEIC to Crown control
1859.11.03 2nd Bengal Fusiliers
1862.09.30 104th (Bengal Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot
transferred to British Army
1881.07.01 amalgamated with 101st Foot to form The Royal Munster Fusiliers
Note: This regiment is unrelated to four previous regiments which bore the number 104


[Rohilcund 1774]1, Chillianwallah, Goojerat, Punjaub, Delhi 1857 1. inherited by 101st Foot in 1803.

Note: see also The Royal Munster Fusiliers for belatedly awarded battle honours.

Uniform: coat: not known, lapels and cuffs: not known, turnbacks: not known, lacings: not known
1859 Maj-Gen. Robert Blackall
1862.09.30 F.M. Sir Patrick Grant, GCB, GCMG [also 78th Foot]
1863.10.23 Gen. Sir George Bell, KCB [also 1st Foot, 32nd Foot]
1867.02.02 Gen. George Dixon
1874.05.16 F.M. Sir Frederick Paul Haines, GCB, GCSI, CIE [also 21st Foot]
Nicknames: The Lambs
Marches: The Boys of Wexford
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