101st (Royal Bengal Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot

East India Company / United Kingdom
1652 Guard of Honour
raised by the Hon. East India Company in Bengal (Ensign and 30 men)
1685 increased by six companies from England
1689 Bengal abandoned and force moved to Madras
1690 Bengal reoccupied by one company
1694 Bengal force reduced to 4 NCOs and 20 men
1756.12.16 The Bengal European Regiment
formed by regimentation of independent companies
1765.08.05 1st Bengal European Regiment
regiment (1600 men) broken up to also form 2nd Bengal European Regiment and 3rd Bengal European Regiment
1779.09.26 2nd Battalion formed
1783? 1st Bengal European Battalion
(2nd Bn disbanded); some personnel separated to form 4th Bn , 5th Bn and 6th Bn
1796 1st Bengal European Regiment
absorbed 5th Regiment without change of title
1803 The Bengal European Regiment
redesignated on disbandment of 2nd Regiment
1822 1st Bengal European Regiment
volunteers separated to re-form 2nd Regiment
1830.01.01 The Bengal European Regiment
re-absorbed 2nd Regiment
1839.07.29 nucleus separated to re-form 2nd Bengal European Regiment
1840 1st Bengal (European) Light Infantry
1846.04.11 1st Bengal (European) Fusiliers
1858.07.03 transferred from HEIC to Crown control
1859.11.03 1st Bengal Fusiliers
1861.05.02 1st Royal Bengal Fusiliers
1862.09.30 101st (Royal Bengal Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot
transferred to British Army
1881.07.01 amalgamated with 104th Foot to form The Royal Munster Fusiliers


Plassey, Condore, Buxar, [Rohilcund 1774]1, Sholinghur, Guzerat, Deig, Bhurtpore, [Ghuznee 1838]2, Afghanistan 1839, Ferozeshah, Sobraon, Pegu, Delhi 1857, Lucknow 1. inherited from 104th Foot in 1803, later withdrawn, and re-granted in 1894. 2. apparently misdated.

Note: see also The Royal Munster Fusiliers for belatedly awarded battle honours.

Uniform: coat: not known, lapels and cuffs: not known, turnbacks: not known, lacings: not known
1862.06.22 Lt-Gen. Sir Abraham Roberts, GCB
1873.12.29 Gen. Corbet Cotton
Nicknames: The Dirty Shirts
Marches: The Boys of Wexford
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