84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot

United Kingdom
1793.11.02 84th Regiment of Foot
1809.01.21 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot
(named for the raising of its two battalions in Yorkshire and Lancashire respectively, the latter being the second raising in 1808)
1881.07.01 amalgamated with 65th Foot to form The York and Lancaster Regiment
Note: This regiment is unrelated to two previous regiments which bore the number 84: 1758-1764, 1775-1783


Nive, Peninsula, [India]1, Lucknow 1. awarded 1826 for services in 1796-1819, including Mahratta operations and 3rd Mahratta war. Note: In 1841 the regiment unsuccessfully claimed the honour Wandewash for the services of a previous 84th Foot.
Badges: The Union Rose
Uniform: coat: not known, lapels and cuffs: not known, turnbacks: not known, lacings: not known
1794.03.15 Gen. George Barnard
1820.05.13 Gen. Sir George Townsend Walker, Bt., GCB [also 50th Foot, 52nd Foot, 2nd Bn & 3rd Bn The Rifle Brigade originally 95th Foot, Meuron's Regt; Gov. Grenada 1815-16, CinC Madras 1825-31]
1822.09.09 Maj-Gen. Sir Denis Pack, KCB
1823.07.28 Gen. Sir Fitzroy Jeffries Grafton Maclean, Bt [also 45th Foot]
1840.12.30 Gen. Sir Loftus William Otway, CB
1854.06.15 Gen. Sir George Augustus Wetherall, GCB, KH
1868.04.09 Gen. Thomas Wood
1872.10.24 Gen. Sir David Russell, KCB [also 75th Foot]
Nicknames: The Young Lovlies, The Rabbit and Geranium, The Cork and Doncaster
Marches: The Jockey of York
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