67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot

United Kingdom
1689.03 The Duke of Bolton's Regiment of Foot
raised in Hampshire
1697 disbanded
1745 The Duke of Bolton's Regiment of Foot
raised in Hampshire, and ranked as 67th Foot
1746 disbanded
1758.04.21 67th Regiment of Foot
formed by redesignation of 2nd Battalion, 20th Foot
1782.08.31 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 amalgamated with 37th Foot to form The Hampshire Regiment


Barrosa, Peninsula, [India]1, Taku Forts, Pekin 1860, Charasiah, Kabul 1879, Afghanistan 1878-80 1. the Royal Tiger badge superscribed "India", awarded 1826 for services 1805-1826, including 3rd Mahratta war.

Note: see also The Royal Hampshire Regiment for belatedly awarded battle honours.

Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: pale yellow, turnbacks: pale yellow, lacings: white with one yellowish green line
1689, 03.Charles (Powlett), 1st Duke of Bolton [to 1697; also Holt's Foot]
1745 Lt-Gen. Charles (Paulet), 3rd Duke of Bolton (Marquess of Winchester), KG [to 1746; also R Horse Gds; Constable of the Tower 1725-26]
1758.04.21 Maj-Gen. James Wolfe
1759.10.24 F.M. Lord Frederick Cavendish [also 34th Foot]
1760.10.30 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Erskine, Bt. [also 1st Foot, 25th Foot]
1761.05.29 Lt-Gen. Hamilton Lambert
1774.03.11 Gen. Edward Maxwell Browne
1803.02.25 Lt-Gen. Francis D'Oyly
1803.03.09 Gen. Peter Craig
1811.02.07 Gen. Sir William Keppel, GCB [also 2nd Foot, 1st Bn 60th Foot, 12th R Lancers, 3rd West India Regt]
1828.08.25 Lt-Gen. Sir John Macdonald, GCB [also 42nd Foot, 53rd Foot, 92nd Foot]
1844.01.15 Lt-Gen. John Clitheroe
1852.10.30 Lt-Gen. John Frederick Ewart, CB
1854.10.24 F.M. Sir Colin (Campbell), 1st Lord Clyde, GCB, KCSI [also 93rd Foot]
1858.01.15 Gen. Francis John Davies
1874.12.05 Gen. Henry Phipps Raymond [also 1st Foot]
1877.07.11 Gen. William Mark Wood
Nicknames: The Hampshire Tigers
Marches: We'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toun
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