65th (2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of Foot

United Kingdom
1758.04.21 65th Regiment of Foot
formed by redesignation of 2nd Battalion, 12th Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 65th (2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 amalgamated with 84th Foot to form The York and Lancaster Regiment


[India]1, Arabia, [New Zealand]2 1. the Royal Tiger badge superscribed "India", awarded 1823 for services in 1802-1822, including 2nd Mahratta war and subsequent operations and 3rd Mahratta war. 2. awarded for services in 1860-1861.

Note: see also The York and Lancaster Regiment for belatedly awarded battle honours.

Badges: The Royal Tiger, superscribed "India"
Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: white, turnbacks: white, lacings: white with lines of deep yellow blue and red and a blue wavy line
1758.04.21 Lt-Gen. Robert Armiger [also 40th Foot]
1760.12.08 Lt-Gen. George (Cholmondley), 3rd Earl of Cholmondeley (Viscount Malpas), KB
1764.03.24 Lt-Gen. Hon. Alexander Mackay [also 21st Foot, 122nd Foot [1762-64, 1794-96]
1770.11.10 Lt-Gen. Edward Urmston
1779.01.06 Lt-Gen. Thomas Calcraft [also 79th Foot [1757-63, 1778-84]
1783.03.12 Gen. Charles (Stanhope), 3rd Earl of Harrington, GCH [also 29th Foot, 85th Foot [1759-63, 1777-83]
1788.01.28 Lt-Gen. John Gunning [also 82nd Foot [1757-68, 1777-83]
1797.10.11 Gen. Edmund Stevens [also 8th Foot]
1814.02.08 F.M. Thomas Grosvenor
1851.01.31 Gen. Sir Samuel Auchmuty, GCB [also 7th Foot, 78th Foot, 103rd Foot (Irish) [1781-84, 1806-17] ]
1855.01.18 Lt. Gen. Henry Balneavis, CMG, KH
1857.07.25 Gen. Robert Bartlett Coles
1869.10.28 Sir Robert Walpole, KCB
1876.07.13 Gen. Robert Newton Phillips
Mottos: Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense
Nicknames: The Royal Tigers, The Twin Roses, The Cat and Cabbage, The Ickety Pips, The Young and Lovelies
Marches: The York and Lancaster
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