52nd (the Oxfordshire) (Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot

United Kingdom
1755.12.20 54th Regiment of Foot
1756.12.25 52nd Regiment of Foot
renumbered upon disbandment of old 50th Foot (Shirley's) [1746-48, 1754-57] and 51st Foot (Pepperell's) [1744-48, 1754-56]
1782.08.31 52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot
1803.01.25 52nd (the Oxfordshire) (Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot
(first regiment converted to light infantry)
1881.07.01 amalgamated with 43rd Foot to form The Oxfordshire Light Infantry


[Hindoostan]1, Vimiera, Corunna, Busaco, Fuentes d'Onor, Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Toulouse, Peninsula, Waterloo, Delhi 1857 1.awarded 1821 for services in 1790-1793, including 3rd Mysore war, 4th Mysore war and Pondicherry.

Note: see also The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry for belatedly awarded battle honours.

Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: buff, turnbacks: buff, lacings: not known
1755.12.20 Maj-Gen. Hedworth Lambton
1758.06.07 Lt-Gen. Edward Sandford [also 10th Foot, 26th Foot, 66th Foot]
1760.11.27 Gen. Sir John Saunders Sebright, Bt. [also 18th Foot, 83rd Foot [1757-64, 1771-83]
1762.04.01 Lt-Gen. Sir John Clavering, KB
1778.05.14 Gen. Cyrus Trapaud [also 70th Foot]
1801.05.08 Lt-Gen. Sir John Moore, KB
1809.01.25 Lt-Gen. Sir Hildebrand Oakes, Bt., GCB
1822.09.09 Gen. Sir George Townsend Walker, Bt., GCB [also 50th Foot, 84th Foot, 2nd Bn & 3rd Bn The Rifle Brigade originally 95th Foot, Meuron's Regt; Gov. Grenada 1815-16, C-in-C Madras 1825-31]
1839.12.23 Lt-Gen. Sir Thomas Arbuthnot [also 9th Foot, 71st Foot, 99th Foot]
1844.12.07 Lt-Gen. Sir Edward Gibbs, KCB [also 68th Foot]
1847.02.08 Gen. Sir Archibald Maclaine, KCB
1861.03.10 F.M. Sir William Rowan, GCB [also 19th Foot]
1879.09.27 Gen. John Leslie Dennis, CB [also 51st Foot]
Nicknames: The Light Bobs, The Light Brigade
Marches: Lower Castle Yard
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