29th (Worcestershire) Regiment of Foot

United Kingdom
1694.02.16 Thomas Farrington's Regiment of Foot
also known by the names of six other colonels until 1751
1698.12 disbanded
1702.02.12 Thomas Farrington's Regiment of Foot
1751.07.01 29th Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 29th (Worcestershire) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 amalgamated with 36th Foot to form The Worcestershire Regiment


Rolica, Vimiera, Talavera, Albuhera, Peninsula, Ferozeshah, Sobraon, Chillianwallah, Goojerat, Punjaub

Note: see also The Worcestershire Regiment for belatedly awarded battle honours.

Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: bright yellow, turnbacks: bright yellow, lacings: white with a blue worm between yellow and blue lines
1694.02.16 Lt-Gen. Thomas Farrington
1702.02.12 Lt-Gen. Thomas Farrington
1712.10.07 Gen. Lord Mark Kerr [also 13th Foot]
1725.12.25 Col. Henry Disney [also 36th Foot]
1731.11.22 Gen. William Anne (Keppel), 2nd Earl of Albemarle, KG, KB
1733.06.05 Lt-Gen. George Reade [also 9th Foot]
1739.08.28 Maj-Gen. Francis Fuller
1748.06.10 Maj-Gen. Peregrine Thomas Hopson [also 40th Foot]
1752.03.04 Lt-Gen. Hon. George Boscawen [also 23rd Foot]
1761.01.16 Lt-Gen. George (Forbes), 4th Earl of Granard (Viscount Forbes) [also 76th Foot [1756-63]
1769.11.03 Lt-Gen. William Evelyn
1783.08.16 Lt-Gen. William Tryon [also 70th Foot]
1788.01.28 Gen. Charles (Stanhope), 3rd Earl of Harrington, GCH [also 65th Foot, 85th Foot [1759-63, 1777-83]
1792.12.05 Gen. William Shaw (Cathcart), 1st Earl Cathcart, KT
1797.08.08 Gen. Gordon Forbes [also 81st Foot, 105th Foot [1794-85]
1828.01.23 F.M.Sir John (Byng), 1st Earl of Strafford, GCB, GCH
1850.08.15 Gen. Sir Ulysses (de Burgh), 2nd Lord Downes, GCB [also 54th Foot]
1863.07.27 Gen. Sir James Simpson, GCB [also 87th Foot]
1868.04.19 Gen. John Longfield, CB [also 8th Foot]
Mottos: Firm
Nicknames: The Old and Bold, The Ever-sworded 29th
Anniversaries: Ushant (Glorious First of June 1794), Gheluvelt (31 Oct 1914)
Marches: Royal Windsor, The Duchess of Kent
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