25th (King's Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom
1689.03.19 The Earl of Leven's, or Edinburgh, Regiment of Foot
also known until 1751 by the names of eight other colonels
1751.07.01 25th (Edinburgh) Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 25th (Sussex) Regiment of Foot
1805.05.07 25th (King's Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot
(named for King George III; "Sussex" title passed to 35th Foot)
1870 25th (King's Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 The King's Own Borderers (York Regiment)
reorganised with HQ at Berwick-on-Tweed, but initially without affiliated Militia and Volunteers


Namur 1695, Minden, Egmont-op-Zee, [Egypt]1, Martinique 1809, Afghanistan 1878-80, 1. the Sphinx badge superscribed "Egypt".
Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: deep yellow, turnbacks: deep yellow, lacings: white bordered on each side with thin dark blue/yellow/red lines
1688.03.19 Lt-Gen. David (Melville), 3rd Earl of Leven
1694.03.19 Lt-Gen. James Maitland
1711.04.15 Brig-Gen. William Breton
1715.01.27 F.M. Richard (Boyle), 2nd Viscount Shannon [also 4th Tp Horse Gds, 7th Horse, Shannon's Marines; C-in-C Ireland]
1721.06.17 Brig-Gen. John Middleton [also 13th Foot]
1732.05.29 Gen. John (Leslie), 10th Earl of Rothes, KT
1745.04.25 Brig-Gen. Hugh (Semphill), 12th Baron Semphill [also 42nd Foot]
1746.12.25 Lt-Gen. John (Lindsay), 20th Earl of Crawford [also 4th Tp Horse Gds, 2nd Tp Horse Gren Gds, 2nd Dgns, 42nd Foot; AG 1739-43]
1747.12.01 Gen. William (Maule), 1st Earl of Panmure [also 21st Foot]
1752.04.29 Lt-Gen. William (Home), 8th Earl of Home [also 48th Foot]
1761.05.29 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Erskine, Bt [also 1st Foot, 67th Foot]
1762.12.29 Gen. Lord George Henry Lennox
1805.03.25 Gen. Hon. Charles Fitzroy [also 48th Foot, 4th Bn 60th Foot]
1831.10.20 Gen. Sir Henry Frederick Campbell, KCB, GCH [also 88th Foot]
1856.09.03 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Somerset, KCB, KH [also Cape Regt; C-in-C Bombay 1855-60]
1862.02.16 Gen. Henry Dive Townsend
Mottos: In Veritate Religionis Confido, Nisi Dominus Frustra
Nicknames: The Kosbees, The Botherers, The Kokky-Olly Birds
Anniversaries: Minden (1 Aug 1759)
Marches: Blue Bonnets over the Border, In the Garb of Old Gaul - band, The Borderers - pipes and drums
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