19th (1st Yorkshire, North Riding) (Princess of Wales's Own)
United Kingdom
1688.11.20 Francis Lutterell's Regiment of Foot
raised from independent companies in Devonshire; also known until 1751 by the names of seven other colonels
1689.03.08 Thomas Erle raised a regiment and subsequently (1691-1712) also became colonel of the 19th Foot, thereby owning two regiments, the junior one sometimes being called the 2nd Battalion (which disbanded 1698)
1751.07.01 19th Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 19th (The 1st Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot
1875.10.29 19th (1st Yorkshire, North Riding) (Princess of Wales's Own) Regiment of Foot
(named for Princess Alexandra, Princess of Wales's)
1881.07.01 The Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment)
reorganised as the county regiment of Yorkshire North Riding, encompassing also its Militia and Volunteer infantry


Malplaquet, Belleisle, Alma, Inkerman, Sevastopol

Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: yellowish-green, turnbacks: yellowish-green, lacings: white with blue/red central line
1688.11.20 Col. Francis Luttrell
1691.01.01 Gen. Thomas Erle
1712.01.22 Brig-Gen. George Freke
1712.04.03 Lt-Gen. Richard Sutton [also Sutton's Foot]
1715.08.05 Col. George Grove
1729.10.27 Lt-Gen. Richard Sutton [reappointed]
1738.11.01 Gen. Hon. Sir Charles Howard, KB
1748.03.15 Lt-Gen. Lord George Beauclerk
1768.05.25 Gen. David Graeme of Gorthry [also 49th Foot, 105th Foot (Queen's Own Regiment of Highlanders) [1760-63]
1797.01.24 F.M. Sir Samuel Hulse, Bt., GCH [also 56th Foot, 62nd Foot]
1810.06.25 Gen. Sir Hew Whiteford Dalrymple, Bt [also 37th Foot, 57th Foot, 81st Foot]
1811.04.27 Gen. Sir Tomkins Hilgrove Turner, GCH, KC
1843.05.31 Gen. Sir Warren Marmaduke Peacocke, KCH
1849.09.01 Lt-Gen. Charles Turner
1854.06.15 F.M. Sir William Rowan, GCB [also 52nd Foot]
1861.03.10 Gen. Sir Abraham Josias Cloete, KCB, KH
Mottos: Hon Soit Qui Mal y Pense
Nicknames: The Green Howards, Howard's Greens
Anniversaries: Alma (20 Sep 1854)
Marches: The Bonnie English Rose, Maria Theresa
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