14th (Buckinghamshire) (Prince of Wales's Own) Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom
1685.06.22 Sir Edward Hales's Regiment of Foot
raised at Canterbury; also known until 1751 by the names of other colonels
1751.07.01 14th Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 14th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot
1809.05 14th (Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot
exchanged county titles with 16th Foot
1876.06.06 14th (Buckinghamshire) (Prince of Wales's Own) Regiment of Foot
(named for the future King Edward VII)
1881.07.01 The Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
reorganised as the county regiment of West Yorkshire, encompassing also its Militia and Volunteer infantry


Namur 1695, Tournay, Corunna, [India]1, Java, Waterloo, Bhurtpore, Sevastopol, [New Zealand],2 Afghanistan 1879-80, 1. the Royal Tiger badge superscribed "India", awarded 1838 for services in 1807-1831, including campaigns in South India, 3rd Mahratta war and Jat war. 2. awarded for services in 1860-1861 and 1863-1866.
Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: buff, turnbacks: buff lacings: white with a red zigzag between two blue lines
1685.06.22 Lt-Gen. Sir Edward Hales, Bt.
1688.12.31 Col. William Beveridge
1692.11.14 Lt-Gen. John Tidcomb
1713.06.15 Lt-Gen. Jasper Clayton [killed at Dettingen; also Clayton's Foot]
1743.06.22 Brig-Gen. John Price [also 46th Foot]
1747.12.01 Maj-Gen. Hon. William Herbert
1753.02.17 Maj-Gen. Edward Braddock
1755.11.12 Lt-Gen. Thomas Fowke [also 2nd Foot, 43rd Foot]
1756.09.07 Maj-Gen. Charles Jeffereys [also 3rd Bn 60th Foot]
1765.05.31 Lt-Gen. Hon. William Keppel [also 56th Foot, 12th R Lancers, 3rd West India Regt]
1775.10.18 Gen. The Rt. Hon. Robert (Cuninghame), 1st Baron Rossmore, PC [also 5th Dgns, 58th Foot, 124th Foot [1762-63, 1794-95]; CinC Ireland]
1787.04.04 Lt-Gen. John Douglas [also 5th Dgn Gds, 21st Lt Dgns]
1789.08.27 Col. George (Waldegrave), 4th Earl Waldegrave [also 63rd Foot]
1789.11.18 Gen. George Hotham
1806.02.08 Gen. Sir Henry (Calvert), Bt., GCB, GCH
1826.09.06 Gen. Thomas (Graham), 1st Baron Lynedoch, GCB, GCMG [also 1st Foot, 58th Foot, 90th Foot]
1834.12.12 Gen. Hon. Sir Charles Colville, GCB, GCH [also 5th Foot, 74th Foot]
1835.03.25 Gen. Hon. Sir Alexander Hope, GCB [also 47th Foot, 74th Foot, 5th West India Regt]
1837.05.24 Gen. Sir James Watson, KCB [also 86th Foot]
1862.08.13 Gen. Sir William Wood, KCB, KH
1870.08.09 Gen. Maurice Barlow, CB [also 106th Foot]
1875.04.13 Gen. James Webber Smith, CB
1879.01.01 Gen. Sir Alfred Hastings Horsford, GCB [also 79th Foot, 2nd Bn The Rifle Brigade originally 95th Foot]
1880.11.21 Gen. Alfred Thomas Heyland, CB
Mottos: Nec Aspera Terrent
Nicknames: The Powos, The Old and Bold, Calvert's Entire
Marches: Ca Ira, God Bless the Prince of Wales
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