13th (1st Somersetshire) (Prince Albert's Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom
1685.06.20 Earl of Huntingdon's Regiment of Foot
also known until 1751 by the names of other colonels
1751.07.01 13th Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 13th (1st Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot
1822.12.25 13th (1st Somersetshire) (Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot
1842.08.26 13th (1st Somersetshire) (Prince Albert's Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot
(named for Prince Albert, The Prince Consort)
1881.07.01 The Prince Albert's Light Infantry (Somersetshire Regiment)
reorganised as the county regiment of Somersetshire, encompassing also its Militia and Volunteer infantry


Gibraltar 1704-5, Dettingen, [Egypt]1, Martinique 1809, Ava, Ghuznee 1839, Afghanistan 1839, [Jellalabad]2, Cabool 1842, Sevastopol, South Africa 1878-9 1. the Sphinx badge superscribed "Egypt". 2. the Mural Crown badge superscribed "Jellalabad".
Badges: The Sphinx superscribed "Egypt"; A Mural Crown superscribed "Jellalabad"
Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: Philemot yellow, turnbacks: Philemot yellow, lacings: white with a two zigzags, one blue one red
1685.06.20 Col. Theophilus (Hastings), 7th Earl of Huntingdon
1688.12 Col. Ferdinando Hastings
1695.03.13 Col. Sir John Jacob
1702.03.15 Lt-Gen. James (Barry), 4th Earl of Barrymore
1715.07.28 Col. Stanhope Cotton
1725.12.25 Gen. Lord Mark Kerr [also 29th Foot]
1732.05.29 Brig-Gen. John Middleton [also 25th Foot]
1739.07.05 Gen. Hon. Harry Pulteney
1766.06.25 F.M. HRH William Henry, 1st Duke of Gloucester Edinburgh, KG
1767.12.16 Gen. Hon. James Murray [also 21st Foot, 2nd Bn 60th Foot]
1789.06.05 Gen. George Ainslie
1804.07.11 Gen. Alexander Campbell [also 32nd Foot, 116th Foot (Perthshire Highlanders) [1793-95], 7th West India Regt]
1813.02.15 Gen. Edward Morrison [also 4th Bn 60th Foot]
1843.12.15 Maj-Gen. Sir Robert Henry Sale, GCB
1846.03.10 F.M. Sir William Maynard Gomm, GCB
1863.08.15 Maj-Gen. Philip McPherson
1864.02.03 Gen. Philip Spencer Stanhope
1880.02.22 Gen. Lord Mark Ralph George Kerr, GCB [also 54th Foot]
Mottos: Hon Soit Qui Mal y Pense
Nicknames: The Illustious Garrison, The Jellalabad Heroes, The Yellow Banded Robbers, The Bleeders
Marches: Prince Albert, Palace Guard
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