5th (Northumberland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom
1674.08.08 The Irish Regiment
raised for Dutch service; also known until 1751 by the names of colonels
1685 transferred to English Establishment
1751.07.01 5th Regiment of Foot
1782.08.31 5th (Northumberland) Regiment of Foot
1836.05.04 5th (Northumberland Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 The Northumberland Fusiliers
reorganised as the county regiment of Northumberland, encompassing also its Militia and Volunteer infantry


Wilhelmstahl, St. Lucia 1778, Rolica, Vimiera, Corunna, Busaco, Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, Orthes, Toulouse, Peninsula, Lucknow, Afghanistan 1878-80
Badges: St. George and the Dragon. In each of the four corners of the Regimental Colour, the united Red and White Rose slipped and ensigned with the Royal Crest: adopted 1674 by the English Brigade in Dutch service.
Uniform: coat: scarlet. lapels and cuffs: gosling green, tornbacks: gosling green, lacing: white
1674.08.08 Col. Daniel (O'Brien), 3rd Viscount Clare
1675.08.02 Maj-Gen. Sir John Fenwick, Bt [also 4th Horse]
1676.09.11 Col. Henry Wisely
1680.12.10 Col. Thomas Monk
1688.10.09 Lt-Gen. Thomas Tollemache [also Coldstream Gds]
1689.05.01 Col. Edward Lloyd
1694.11.06 Maj-Gen. Thomas Fairfax
1704.02.05 Lt-Gen. Thomas Pearce [also 5th Horse]
1732.12.15 Lt-Gen. Sir John Cope, KB [also 7th Dgns, 9th Dgns, 39th Foot]
1737.06.27 Lt-Gen. Alexander Irwin
1752.11.02 Col. Charles Whitefoord
1754.08.20 Maj-Gen. Lord George Bentinck
1759.10.24 F.M. Studholme Hodgson [also 4th Horse, 11th Dgns, 4th Foot, 50th Foot]
1768.11.07 Gen. Hugh (Percy), 2nd Duke of Northumberland (Baron Warkworth), KG [also 2nd Tp Horse Gren Gds, R Horse Gds, 111th Foot [1761-63, 1794-95]; Viceroy Ireland]
1784.11.01 Lt-Gen. Hon. Edward Stopford
1794.10.25 F.M. Sir Alured Clarke, GCB [also 7th Foot, 1st Bn 60th Foot, 68th Foot; C-in-C Bengal 1797, C-in-C India]
1801.08.21 Lt-Gen. Richard England
1812.11.07 Lt-Gen. William Wynyard [also Royal West India Rangers]
1819.07.12 Gen. Sir Henry Johnson, Bt, GCB [also 81st Foot]
1835.03.25 Gen. Hon. Sir Charles Colville, GCB, GCH [also 14th Foot, 74th Foot]
1843.04.04 Lt-Gen. Sir Jasper Nicolls, KCB [also 38th Foot, 93rd Foot]
1849.05.18 Gen. Sir John Grey, KCB [also 73rd Foot; C-in-C Bombay 1850-52]
1856.02.20 Gen. William Lovelace Walton
1865.01.12 Lt-Gen. William Longworth Dames
1868.02.21 Gen. Edward Rowley Hill
1878.09.11 Gen. William Lygon (Pakenham), 4th Earl of Longford, GCB
Mottos: Quo Fata Vocant
Nicknames: The Fighting Fifth, The Old and Bold, Lord Wellington's Bodyguard, The Shiners
Anniversaries: Wilhelmstahl (24 Jun 1762), El Bodon Day (25 Sep 1811), Ciudad Rodrigo (19 Jun 1812), St. George's Day (1836)
Marches: Blaydon Races, The British Grenadiers, St. George
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