2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom
1661.10.01 Earl of Peterborough's Regiment of Foot
also known as the Tangier Regiment; also known until 1751 by names of other colonels
1663 absorbed Sir Robert Harley's Regiment of Foot and Lord Rutherford's Regiment of Foot
1685 Queen Dowager's Regiment of Foot
(named for Queen Catherine, widow of Charles II)
1703 The Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot
1715 The Princess of Wales's Own Regiment of Foot
(re-named for the future Queen Caroline)
1727 The Queen's Own Regiment of Foot
(redesignated when the Princess of Wales's became Queen)
1747 The Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Foot
ranked as 2nd Foot
1751.07.01 2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
reorganised as the county regiment of West Surrey, encompassing also its Militia and Volunteer infantry


Tangier 1662-80, Namur 1695, [Ushant]1, [Egypt]2, Vimiera, Corunna, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Toulouse, Peninsula, Ghuznee 1839, Khelat, Afghanistan 1839, South Africa 1851-2-3, Taku Forts, Pekin 1860 1. the Naval Crown badge superscribed "1st June 1794". 2. the Sphinx badge superscribed "Egypt".

Uniform: coat: scarlet, lapels and cuffs: sea green, turnbacks: sea green, lacings: white with oblique sea green lines
1661.09.30 Col. Henry (Mordaunt), 2nd Earl of Peterborough, KG [also 3rd Horse; Capt. Gen. Tangier]
1663.04.09 Col. Andrew (Rutherford), 1st Earl of Teviot [killed at Tangier]
1664.06.10 Lt-Gen. Henry Norwood
1668.05.15 Lt-Gen. John (Middleton), 1st Earl of Middleton
1675.03.05 Col. William (O'Brien), 2nd Earl of Inchiquin
1680.11.10 Col. Sir Palmes Fairbourne [died of wounds at Tangier]
1682.04.19 Lt-Gen. Piercy Kirke (senior) [also 4th Foot]
1691.12.18 Maj-Gen. William Selwyn [also 22nd Foot]
1701.06.28 Lt-Gen. Sir Henry Bellasis [also 6th Foot, 22nd Foot]
1703.02.27 Gen. Sir David (Colyear), 1st Earl of Portmore, KT [also 2nd Dgns, Portmore's Foot]
1710.09.19 Lt-Gen. Piercy Kirke (junior)
1741.08.12 Lt-Gen. Thomas Fowke [also 14th Foot, 43rd Foot]
1755.11.12 Gen. Hon. John Fitzwilliam [also 5th Dgns]
1760.11.27 Lt-Gen. Sir Charles Montagu, KB [also 59th Foot]
1777.08.07 Lt-Gen. Daniel Jones
1793.11.20 Maj-Gen. Alexander Stewart
1794.12.20 Gen. James Coates
1822.07.26 Maj-Gen. Sir Henry Torrens, KCB [also 2nd West India Regt; AG 1820-28]
1828.08.25 Gen. Sir William Keppel, GCB [also 1st Bn 60th Foot, 67th Foot, 12th R Lancers, 3rd West India Regt]
1834.12.23 Gen. Sir James Kempt, GCB, GCH [also 1st Foot, 40th Foot, 8th Bn 60th Foot, 81st Foot, 3rd West India Regt; MGO 1830-34; Gov. Gen. Canada 1828-30]
1846.08.07 Lt-Gen. Alexander George (Fraser), 16th Lord Saltoun, KT, KCB, GCH [also 55th Foot]
1853.08.29 Lt-Gen. Sir John Rolt, KCB, KH
1856.11.09 Lt-Gen. Sir James Holmes Schoedde, KCB [also 55th Foot]
1857.05.28 Maj-Gen. John Spink, KH
1877.03.15 Gen. Clement Alexander Edwards, CB [also 18th Foot]
1877.03.25 Gen. Henry Smyth, CB
Mottos: Pristinae Virtutis Memor, Vel Exuviae Triumphans
Nicknames: The Queen's, The Tangerines, Kirke's Lambs, The Mutton Lancers
Anniversaries: Ushant (Glorious First of June 1794)
Marches: Old Queens, Braganza, We'll Gang Nae Mir to Yon Toun, Scipio
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